Fall Menu and New Delivery Structure

August 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi Everybody, I want to use this blog entry to introduce the new structure of delivery, as well as our fall Menu.  In an effort to economize operations, one delivery will be made per order.  Orders of $100.00 or more will be free of charge.  Each meal is $20, so a minimum order will consist of 5 meals (client may choose which meals are delivered).  All meals will be packaged in vacuum sealed bags, so every meal is freezable, or can remain in the refrigerator for four days after packaging date.  A meal is big enough for an adult concerned with portion control, and will be closer to two meals for a toddler.  As before, all meals are organic and free of preservatives or additives of any type.  All meals will be made either the day of delivery, or the day prior, for maximum freshness.  The client may order as many meals as they like, and freeze them if so desired.  To order please call 646-705-4189, or email request to info@komiorganics.com.  I hope this new delivery system will work for everyone, and as always i’d love to hear your feedback.  I hope you all have a wonderful late summer and fall!

Fall Menu:


Baked Tilapia in cultured butter, tarragon and parsley

Olive oil mashed potatoes with rosemary and garlic

Steamed brussels sprouts  in cultured butter


Four cheese lasagna

Steamed green beans with extra virgin olive oil

Wholewheat chocolate chip cookie with kale


Honey baked chicken with Caribbean spices (not too spicy)

Rice and peas with coconut milk and spices (not too spicy)

Mashed yams with jamaican allspice and cultured butter


French lentil soup with carrots, potatoes, onion and tomato

Sesame chicken fingers

Steamed broccoli in cultured butter


Baked white trout

red quinoa salad with cherries and peas/other seasonal quinoa pilaf

Steamed cauliflower in cultured butter


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