Introducing customized meal planning

September 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Need help planning healthy meals for your family?  Komi Organics is now offering one-on-one sessions which will help you organize your family’s meals and shopping schedule, for reduced stress and increased health and well being.  A session will result in a personalized monthly meal plan which I will develop along with the client.  After scheduling a convenient meeting time in your home (or over the phone if desired), we will discuss the individualized needs of your family (how much preparation time is available, taste preferences, size of family, ages, allergies, financial concerns and goals like weight loss).  I will then prepare a meal plan for the entire month, with your input along the way and final approval.  Meal plans will also include specific recipes, and instructions.  Also included will be a grocery purchasing schedule, so that the meal plan can be carried out with the least amount of time spent thinking about details during the month.  A grocery purchasing schedule will also insure that fresh produce is bought at the appropriate times, decreasing waste due to spoilage.  Each client will also be given several lists to use as resources for future meal planning, making a session even more valuable.  A session can really help diversify your families diet-it is so easy to get stuck in a rut, and forget about all the delicious ways to optimize health and take advantage foods that are available.  A session can also be a great gift for other busy families-one that can improve household efficiency and health year round!  Please feel free to call or email with any questions.  References are also available upon request.

1.  One complete month long meal plan consisting of three meals per day, plus snacks.  Recipes and instructions to complete meal plan

2. Grocery list and shopping schedule

3. Lists of all seasonally available fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts/seeds, legumes, meat/fish.  Plus the best places to find items, including ethnic food items!

4. Basic instructions for cooking things like rice and dry beans, plus various ways to cook vegetables

5. Explanation of how to combine proteins

6. List of fruits and vegetables that are the most important to  buy organic

7.  List of nutrients important in development, and an explanation of how they work in the body, and why they are important (this is great for kids to learn about as well)

Cost: $75 per hour (average cost to complete planning $150-$200)


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