Home-Cooked Organic Dog Food

November 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

At the request of a very good friend I am now making balance all organic meals for pets.  At first I thought this was a silly idea, and I wasn’t too excited about the prospect.  After a couple months of gentle urging I decided to give it a try.  I’m happy to report that dogs are great clients!  They really appreciate a good meal, and they don’t mind my idealistic culinary combinations, like pairing kale with sardines, apples and rice.  Our dog meals are delivered once a week (14 meals), and come in small, medium and large.  Meals are packaged in tough poly nylon vacuum sealed bags, which can be frozen, or kept in the fridge for about a week.  Right now, I am making three basic recipes (beef, chicken, turkey), with the carbs and veggies rotating weekly.  I am using 50%-60% meat, 15% carbs (usually rice), 20% veggies, and 5% coconut oil and eggshells.  These proportions seem to be the best according to most vets.  Because different clients have different preferences, I will cook to specification for each client.  I also correct the calcium phosphorus ratio by adding the appropriate amount of eggshells to each meal. If your dog is on a home cooked diet, but does not eat ATLEAST 20% of his/her diet in raw meaty bones, your dog is not getting the proper amount of calcium.  Many home cooked diets over look this crucial necessity.  Over time a diet with too much phosphorus (found in meat and plants), and not enough calcium, will lead to weakened bones, deformities, pain and even fractures.  A home cooked diet such as this one requires 400-500 mg of calcium per 8oz serving.  I use Eggshellent brand finely powdered eggshells to achieve this ratio (this is a time tested veterinarian approved form of natural calcium).


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