Early Summer Menu

May 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

I wanted to let everyone know that very soon you will be able to customize your order when you order through the site Good Eggs. My blog will still list the new menu, and arrange dishes into meals, but now the customer can also create her own meals based off of available choices. For existing and new customers, you can also utilize a code that you will enter on the Good Eggs website, which will specify your desire to order one of everything for a set price. I’d love to hear your feed back!
  • Green curry shrimp with Thai rice- Fresh shrimp, asparagus and snow peas in a mild coconut milk curry with lots of fresh lemongrass, cilantro, green onion and lime. Thai rice is tossed with cultured butter and Celtic sea salt. 100% organic
  • Local grey sole (red miso glaze), with fried scallion Thai rice- Sole fillet is delicately steamed. Thai rice is tossed about with super healthy virgin cold pressed coconut oil, and fresh local scallions, garlic and thyme. 100% organic.
  • Cavatelli with baby peas, free-range local bacon and mint, and parmesan alongside rosemary sun chokes- Sun chokes are peeled, sliced and sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and fresh local rosemary. 100% organic.
  • Chinese chicken with red quinoa and creamed leeks- Local organic chicken thighs in bite sized pieces sauteed with asian spices, sesame seeds, and organic sesame oil. Red quinoa is steamed and tossed in cultured butter and Celtic sea salt. Organic local leeks are sauteed with fresh thyme, cream and Celtic sea salt. 100% organic.
  • Local grey sole with herbs and whipped Japanese turnips- Sole fillet is steamed with Mediterranean herbs and olive oil. Local Japanese turnips are whipped with organic cream, Celtic sea salt and black pepper. This is probably my favorite dish on this menu!
Organic local Leeks with thyme

Organic local Leeks with thyme


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